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Jens Jefsen & Martin Schack

Chamber Jazz duo Jens Jefsen and Martin Schack perform evergreens from the last century. The music just happened in an un-ambitious way, and the result is some interesting versions of melodies such as ‘Love Me Tender’ and ‘O Tannenbaum’.

CD released november 24th 2017 on Gatewaymusic
‘Dust shines’ can be said, and that’s the name of the project.

“Martin Schack is a jazz pianist who plays with a wonderful touch. It’s great for me to play with him because we always have a responsive contradiction that brings up some unique moments”. (Jens Jefsen)

The duo performs on jazz venues as well as receptions and parties wherever people want to hear jazzy tones.

Jens Jefsen tlf 4044 5166
Martin Schack tlf 2579 1718
Listen to ‘Pretend’

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