Studio bass

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Want to hear Jens Jefsen’s bass on your studio project?
Send me an audio file and I’ll record nice sounding contrabass tracks for your music.

I’ll send you a premix for approving the result and later a WAV or AIFF file on each bass track. I usually record two or three bass tracks for the same piece of music. You can have a bass mix made by me, or you can mix the tracks yourself and assemble the bass in your project. My bass can sound hard, persistent, round or soft; it depends on three things: How I play, how the bass is recorded, as well as on some settings in the mix.

We’ll negotiate my fee.
About sending large files I can recommend Filemail, Yousendit or Wetransfer

Send a mail to or
Cellphone nummer: +45 40 44 51 66

Hear my bass:
bass sample 1. Melody