Jam Me Up

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CD news from Jens Jefsen: “Jam Me Up”.


Gateway Music Denmark, JJM1301
Release date 24 January 2014 at 16:00 (4:00pm)
Webshop GatewayMusic

Jam Up means overloading, malfunction, or inefficiency.

When someone keeps at you or puts you on the spot about doing or committing to something you may or may not want to do and you are not ready to make a decision or just don’t feel like it. The ‘jammer’ brings ‘bugging you’ to an all new level. –
On this cd I’m just jamming up myself –

For years I’ve thought about soon to publish my recent compositions. In earlier times the first step for me was always making a tour with my own band, before we go into the studio. This has become more difficult to set up, so now I started by myself recording in my own mini- studio, just in the company of my bass.

I listened to the demos I already had, then I recorded bass and percussion, which track by track replaces the original software generated sounds. I built up textures, telling rhythms and changes. In order to give it some more charm, I added some other instruments. That brought me to my long-time partner, guitarist Uffe Steen, who sent me the guitar tracks for my project. It sounded fantastic, I moved on and got in contact with Live Foyn Friis, a young and nice singer who in 2012 received an award for her CD release of ” Foyn Trio “, which is now touring around Europe. She was the right one, not afraid of experimenting . And so on. Following the same idea I came up with musicians such as pianists Martin Schack and Hans Esbjerg, accordion player Emir Bosnjak and my own son Oskar Hougaard Jefsen – a talented singer. One by one they were invited into my little studio , except Martin Schack. I recorded him at his home in Ribe, after having tuned his piano. I’ve got the best playing out of all musicians and I am grateful for their efforts.

Unlike previous solo albums, the experiment this time is, that I’m doing it all by myself, exploring the possibilities of compositions and recording equipment. No studio clock was running, I had time enough. – In such productions  one can easily be too calculating, and I was conscious of that. I have throughout the process allowed the most vivid statements to be the most important. In some compositions I have experimented with touch and sound in a way I did not do before. -Throughout the project I’ve been my own producer. In the final mixing proces, I sought some advice from competent persons such as sound engineer Morten Laursen and my son Oskar Jefsen, four very good ears.

Last song is a dedication to my mother in law , Helga Hougaard Nielsen, a wise and warm-hearted woman, who inspired the whole family and friends around her.

I just want my album to give the listener some good experience.

Listen to ‘Input One’


Jens Jefsen