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(Stunt Records STULP 8802) 1987

Jens Jefsen: bass
Uffe Steen: guitar
Alex Riel: drums
Bob Rockwell: tenor sax

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Berlingske Tidende:
“Bassist Jens Jefsen’s ‘Interval’ offers a rarely complete picture of a man who can project a recognizable musical personality.
Maybe it’s the atmosphere in the group which thus affects the musicians. The listener’s ear always finds rest in a melodic and harmonic naturalness, avoiding banality. Note Jefsens own solo playing, which is blissfully freed from the automation of routine finger. He just plays – music – and makes the group do the same”

Det fri Aktuelt:
“If you can’t imagine acoustic funk, it’s happening right here!
A rare beautiful and rounded album. “